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May 11, 2023

envision exemplary results, consulting an expert and trusted remodeling company knowledgeable about current trends

Here’s how to make heads turn in five easy steps:

Update weather-worn hardware

Make an impact without overspending by updating little things around the outside of your home, including your house numbers, mailbox and front door handles. While they may feel like minor changes, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference these easy refreshes can make.

Put the spotlight on your home

Exterior lighting makes your house shine while also adding an extra layer of security. An outdoor post light can add charm and personality to your yard and illuminate a driveway, while inset step lighting can make stairs safer and stylish. Solar or string lights can also boost the ambiance in your garden pathway or patio areas.

Rethink Color

Revive the look of your home by adding a new coat of exterior paint or stain. Painting your front door is a simple, affordable and high-impact way to give your home a new look. Consider bold colors to make your front door pop or choose a calming coat of white or grey for a clean, fresh look.

Focus on the main features

Transform your home’s exterior by replacing your siding. From different colors, widths and materials, there’s a wide selection of products to fit every home and budget. Explore how vinyl siding, wood or stone veneer could be the new look your house has been waiting for.

Invest in the right maintenance tools

Keeping your lawn healthy and your entryway spotless creates a great first impression, but it also takes the right tools. From a grass trimmer to a pressure washer, build a checklist of the power and hand tools you need to keep your property looking its best.

Overall, if you are envisioning exemplary results, consulting an expert and trusted remodeling company that is knowledgeable about current trends, makes things less hassle for every homeowner.